HR assistant that helps employees break through the onboarding and adaptation really fast
HR experts, super-communicators, tech talents and psychologists got together to bring an exceptional employee experience to every remote office.
Add Friday to your workspace
We support Slack, MS Teams, Email, Telegram, Facebook and more!
Select features you need
We will guide you through the process to make it effortless.
Test on a subset of hires
Tests and feedback collection usually takes two weeks.
Who is my first-day-buddy?
Friday knows that and much more!

Catalyze networking
Contact with colleagues is one of the key factors in productivity and job satisfaction. We heavily engage longtime staffers into the process of adaptation.
People tremendously love it. Friday will remind managers to appreciate the job of each employee.
Fast and easy
Employee does not need to open yet another HR app, Friday integrates smoothly with the corporate messenger which is not only handy but also much faster to integrate.
Feedback early on
We ask for more feedback than usual and let manager know about any complication sooner.
Analytics and customization
We build Friday Software as a heavily customizable tool. Each company is unique, and you will be able to fine-tune Friday to your needs to extent of custom API integrations made specifically for your company.
celebration of differencE
Friday helps to build alliances across differences so that we can work together practicing mutual respect.
We value our clients' time. Just schedule a call or leave an email — we will answer all your questions.
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