We help HR to have easy and fun remote onboarding! It feels like standing next to a person and learning from him. Let's make new hires experience at your company exciting!

Never asked repetitive questions again!
The software you have been looking for!
of templates
Benefit from our HR expertise! We will help you to choose
an onboarding scenario from our best-practices collection

Add integration with Google calendar and corporate university, receive analytical reports and polls results
You do not need to have millions of corporate accounts, apps and tabs! We are integrating with the corporate messenger that you are using

All integrations
with messengers
Our products
Onboarding is more than it seems. It is an ongoing process! Employee journey has so many stages, most of which are usually neglected.
Limit the stress of the first day by starting right after an offer is sent.
Automate the routine by setting up the roles, creating tasks for and having mood polls.
Promotion & relocation onboarding
Help your employees to get comfortable at a new environment!

Say goodbye in a good way and find potential room for corporate improvement
Do you have
a well-established
onboarding process?
Learn more about best practices
and get individual recommendations
on how to make new hires' life better
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50% higher chance of retention
You will have to start
the recruitment process half as often!

This is how it works


How long does it take for employees to fully adapt?
The adaptation period differs in companies and positions. Our subscription terms are 6 months and 12 months. This is usually enough time to see results, as several adaptation periods will take place over this term.

Is our data protected?
How much does it cost?
We have a dynamic price formation which is based on the level of technical difficulty and size of customization. We have a price configurator where you can choose what exactly you need, and our specialists will advise you on the product.
How long does it take to launch?
Once the chatbot script is done, integration happens just in a couple of days as we already have a pool of integrations with popular corporate messengers. It is done by our specialists and requires minimal involvement from your side.
Do we need to write the onboarding script?
You can but it is not mandatory as we already have a collection of the best templates. You can use them, add the information and features on top of them or create a new one.
When can I cancel my subscription?
Usually, cancellation happens automatically at the end of the paid period, however, prolongation is always possible.
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