About us
Friday is a chat-based HR automation platform that saves time, increases engagement and eases team onboarding.
Friday provides remote-friendly onboarding in messengers by giving clear first-month instructions, nudging employees into interacting with relevant colleagues, and providing analytics for HR.
Since January 2020, ahead of time, Friday has been developing solutions that became especially relevant in the context of COVID-19.
ahead of time
9 integrations
We can integrate with Slack, MS Teams, Telegram, WhatsApp, Workplace, Outlook, Gmail, Discord.

8 accelerators
The company has participated in Startup Wise Guys, Sandbox, MIPT, Sber500, PwC Venture Hub, Global Pilots and Social Tech accelerators and the Ingria business incubator.
25% growth
The company has grown to 15 people, including a powerful development department and a 25% monthly growth rate.
Success story
Here are a couple of facts that we are proud of:
We help communications.
Communications help busienss.
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